Scented Air Created by Moss

Eco Scents for Urban Dwellers

Orbella naturally expresses essential oil fragrances in earthy, floral, and spicy scents. Live like the future, today, with feel-good fragrances produced like a flower. Grown in a petit terrarium, Orbella freshens air while taking up minimal space.

Have fun experimenting with different fragrances:

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Why the Orbella

Experience is Better


Unlike synthetic fragrances,
Orbella emits a bouquet of
scent molecules. Smell the
way nature intended.


Respect the planet
with an eco-friendly product
packaged in compostable paper
and mushroom foam.


Orbella releases no toxic
solvents, phalates or petroleum
products into your home.


Tending to indoor plants
makes people happy! Decorate
Orbella to your liking.


Unlike cut flowers, Orbella
lives as long as you want it to with
proper care and watering.


While you grow, learn
about biotechnology through
Taxa’s monthly emails.

Better than Recycling

Fund the Future

Every Orbella sale supports our ongoing research in developing:


1. Air-cleaning Moss

2. Bioluminescent Moss

3. New and Stronger Scents

Learn about Bioengineering

Complimentary with your purchase, you may opt in to join our educational community. Our educational emails and topic threads cover issues such as genetic engineering, designing DNA constructs, DNA synthesis.

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Commit to a Greener Future

Orbella is the first of a new era of consumer biotechnology products. Biology is the ultimate sustainable technology, nature uses sunlight, CO2 and water to create useful products creating only biodegradable waste. Guided by nature, we harness that power to create living “apps” that reduce waste and tread lightly on the earth. We hope that our products positively change the public’s perception of GMOs and inspire a new generation of bioengineers to create a greener future for us all.

With every purchase of Orbella Fragrant Moss, you support our research into cleaner ways to make things with plants. Thank you for doing something good for the earth!

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Synthetic Biology is our generations frontier. TAXA creates living “apps” that reduce waste and tread lightly on the earth. With our products we seek to positively change the public’s perception of GMOs and inspire a new generation of bioengineers

Antony Evans, TAXA Founder

"I've learned so much from your updates and explanations over the course of this project that I think I've received far more value than the $40 I put in for some glowing plants"

Eric Albert, Kickstarter Backer

“After opening my Orbella box, I composted the mushroom foam in my garden, and re-used the cloth bag for jewelry. It’s rare to buy a product that makes you feel creative, futuristic, and eco-friendly.”

Lucia Perez, Beta Tester

“Cultivating indoor plants makes you feel creative, happy, and with Orbella, excited about a future where nature and science enjoy a new relationship.”

James Anderson-Furgeson PhD, Plant Scientist