Orbella Fragrant Moss is Shipping

We are pleased to announce that Orbella Fragrant Moss is now shipping. Orbella is a cleaner, eco-friendly alternative to traditional home fragrance products. The fragrance is made right there in your home, which means we don’t have to dissolve the fragrance in any solvents which evaporate into the air.

Orbella Fragrant Moss kit components

You can order one in three great flavors (Patchouli, Linalool and Geraniol) at www.orbellamoss.com . All orders placed before the end of August will come with a free upgrade to the enhanced strength moss once it becomes available, likely in early 2018.

This is the beginning of a new era of consumer biotechnology products. Biology is the ultimate sustainable technology, nature uses sunlight, CO2 and water to create useful products creating only biodegradable waste. Guided by nature, we harness that power to create living “apps” that reduce waste and tread lightly on the earth. We hope that our products positively change the public’s perception of GMOs and inspire a new generation of bioengineers to create a greener future for us all.

TAXA Scientist presents Orbella

So many people have helped get this far, either by sharing time, money, knowledge or just providing emotional support. I can’t thank everyone but I just want to highlight Omri and the Singularity faculty for turning me on the idea that biology is technology. The twelve scientists who worked on getting here, above all Henrik who showed fragrant moss was possible. Katie Wylie for designing our packaging and website. Ecovative for making our compostable mushroom packaging. Our 8,433 Kickstarter backers. Y Combinator for deciding to bet on biology and taking a chance with us in the first batch you funded biotech companies. Wefunder and our 535 equity investors for making sure we didn’t run out of money. NoonaCo for helping out with fulfillment. MandleMed for providing us lab space. The global Syn Bio for providing tools and the DIY Bio community for providing passion and last, but not least my family and friends for providing ongoing emotional support, letting me bug them feedback and everything else.

TAXA Scientist checks moss in the lab

Here are some photos from packing our first shipments:

Packing the first Orbella Fragrant Moss shipments