Orbella Fragrant Moss

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Why Partner with TAXA?

TAXA is the company which developed Orbella Moss. You'll earn a great income with us because:

  • Orbella Fragrant Moss is one of the most unique products on the internet and can't be found anywhere else
  • Orbella makes a great gift.
  • Orbella comes in many distinct flavors.
  • Orbella appeals to a diverse customer base and so there are many ways to tailor your content to fit the audience. These are some of the groups who are most excited by Orbella:
    • Trendsetters who like to have the most unique and interesting things in their home before anyone else
    • Moms & Dads who want to get their kids excited by science and like the educational aspects of the product
    • Science geeks who are excited about the future and realize Organisms are the new Apps!
    • Gift buyers – did you know over 35% of fragrance products are bought as gifts, Orbella is no exception!
    • Eco-warriors who hate waste and want to minimize their environmental footprint
    • Plus many other segments – present Orbella in your own unique voice
  • You won’t find any other products like TAXA’s Orbella Fragrant Moss. It’s a living, breathing organism which unlike other fragrance products actually cleans the air in your home while leaving Zero Waste.

To make it easier to market we've prepared a set of creatives for you to use. You can download these by clicking this Dropbox link.

How Does The Program Work?

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